Established in Rosemont Petite-Patrie’s Plaza St-Hubert since 2012, L’ Armoire à glaces offers ice cream enthusiasts a wide variety of Italian-inspired gelato, sorbets and iced desserts. From classic to bold flavours, our shop is a Montreal must stop to share and indulge to one of our unique creations in a vibrant, colourful atmosphere.
L’ Armoire à glaces places great value on freshness, quality, creativity, and authenticity. We pride ourselves on serving products that are as delicious as they are eco-responsible.


We don’t use any extracts or colouring agents to let the flavours express themselves naturally.


Most of our fruits and vegetables are grown in Quebec.


All of our confections are delicately hand made on site following the purest traditions of ice cream making.


Half of our menu is vegan and contains no animal products.
Gelato and sorbets are the main specialities of L’ Armoire à glaces. Our flavours change according to the seasons, fresh deliveries, and where our heart leads us. Whether in a cone or a cup, you can enjoy a treat on the spot or take one home!


An harmonious combination of milk and cream aromatised with fruits and/or vegetables. Gelato is lower in fat and denser than ice cream.


A lighter dessert made with fruits and/or vegetables, water, and sugar. All our sorbets are lactose free and vegan.
L’ Armoire à glaces offers a variety of frozen delights for all tastes, ranging from classic flavours to the most decadent. Treat yourself in one of our ice cream sandwiches and brownies, savour a shake, or even stop by for an affogato.
L’ Armoire à glaces is the brainchild of Valérie, artisanal ice cream maker and proud owner, who studied at the renowned Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy.

Surrounded by a talented team of sweet, colourful personalities, Valérie relies on her boundless creativity to achieve mouth-watering confections guaranteed to put a smile on every face!

L’ Armoire à glaces is proud to be an active member of the community by sponsoring events at Rosemont’s youth center, L’Hôte Maison, where it offers teens tasting experiences packed with happy memories.

It has also participated in Montréal Relève’s Student Business program since 2016 by offering internship opportunities to high school students who want to learn more about the ice cream business.